11th Materials Science School for Young Scientists and Students 2014 (KINKEN-WAKATE 2014)

Fundamentals and Modern Aspects of Superconductivity



Registration                   Number of Entry  31 (28 Sep.)
                          There were 42 participants in total.

 Please send an email with filling the apprication form to the address below.
We will arrange a session for the participants those who can give a short talk on their own research. We encourage young students to join the session and to present your reseach interests in English. Very short talk is fine. (PC and projector are available. Just bring ppt file of presentation.)

hightc_at_imr.tohoku.ac.jp (use @ instead of _at_)

Application form
1: Full Name
2: Affiliation
3: Grade or Position (ex. M2, Posdoc)
4: Short Talk (Y/N)

Deadline for the registration is 16 Sep. 2014.
Deadline has been passed. However, we will arrange a room for students and young scientists those who eager to participate the school.

"Free" for registration.
Undergraduate students are welcome to the school, too.( 学部学生の参加も歓迎します.)